How to Reduce Belly Fat in Urdu

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Big belly fat is a big problem. Nobody likes belly fat because it is very harmful to health. Nowadays, We do a lot of exercises to reduce belly fat. In this article, you will be acknowledged for losing weight without exercise. Yes, Urdutotke brings you the best weight loss tip in Urdu and Hindi. It is impossible to lose weight fast, but believe me, if you use this tip you will definitely lose weight just in few days.

How to Lose Belly Fat in Urdu

Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

You see everyone wants a smart and beautiful look and he tries many things to improve beauty. But what if he has a fat belly or fatty hips. Surely, he will become upset.

Don’t worry, here urdutotke is bringing you tips that will help you lose belly fat without exercise. These tips not only help you lose fat but also improves your beauty.


  • Amla Powder —— 50 gram
  • Nigella seed Powder —— 50 gram
  • Fennel seed Powder ——- 50 gram
  • Potato Powder —— 50 gram

Mix whole things in a cup and then use it for 2 months.

How to use:

One small teaspoon breakfast and dinner with water. It will melt the body fat.

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