Qad Lamba Karne Ka Tarika | Increase Height in Urdu

kad lamba karne ki tips in urdu

This is one of the simplest and best methods to increase height. You can increase half an inch of your height by following this Urdu tip. How to Increase Height in Urdu: Har koi khoobsurat, slim aur smart dikhna chahta hai, lekin agar khoobsurti ho magar qad chota ho to …

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How to Gain Weight Fast in Just 2 Weeks in Urdu and Hindi

If you are underweight and want to gain weight fast, don’t waste your time and follow this tip to gain weight in two weeks. Mota Hone Kay Liye Urdu Totkay: Har koi smart khoobsurat dilkash haseen o jameel dikhna chahta hai. Is ke liye hum khoobsurti par to bohot tawajja dete hain, …

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How to Reduce Belly Fat in Urdu

pet kam karne ka tariqa

How to Reduce Belly Fat in Urdu Big belly fat is a big problem. Nobody like belly fat because it is very harmful to health. Nowadays, We do a lot of exercises to reduce belly fat. In this article, you will be acknowledged for losing weight without exercise. Yes, Urdutotke …

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Most Common Female Health Tips in Urdu

health tips in urdu brings you the best treatment of the most common problems of women. It will help you to save your money from costly doctors and give you the best result. Aksar khawateen mutaddid bimariyon ka shikar rehti hain. jin mai se numayan likoria, kamar dard waghera aam hain. In takleef …

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5 Ways to Protect Your Lips in Winter in Urdu

sardiyon mai hont khushk hona

If you are lookin for dry lips? Here is the best natural solution to protect your lips from winter. Because we provide best tips in urdu and hindi. Natural Ways to Protect Lips from Winter in Urdu/Hindi: Jesa kay apko maaloom hai ke sardiyon mai aksar hont khushk hojate hain …

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Mosmi Bukhar Kay Totkay Aur Bachne Ka Tarika

Mosmi Bukhar ka Desi Ilaj

Mosmi Bukhar Kay Totkay Aur Bachne Ka Tarika In Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, no one realizes that what atmosphere comes next. At the point when Season changes, environmental change, the greater part of the general population fall in occasional fever. Thus, this post will manage you to how to remain …

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Healthy Fried Sesame Fish Recipes

fried sashimi fish fillet

Healthy Fried Sesame Fish Recipes Fried sashimi fish fillet banane ka tarika: Ingredients: machli ke fale kate howe 1 kilo pisa howa lehsan adrak 2 khane ke chamche soya sas 3 khane ke chamche lemon ka ras 3 khane ke chamche koti hoi kali mirch 1 chai ka chamcha cron …

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Constipation (Qabz) Treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi

constipation treatment in urdu

Constipation (Qabz) Treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi Qabz is an urdu word of constipation. We can also say that english meaning of Qabz is constipation. This post is related to how to treat constipation at home in urdu language. Qabz Ka Fori Aur Gharelu Ilaj: Qabz ko ummul imraz …

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Chanay Ka Salan Recipe in Urdu

white chanay ka salan recipe in urdu

Chanay Ka Salan Recipe in Urdu Safaid chanay ka salan banane ka tarika: Ingredients: safaid chana 1 kilo namak 5 gram surkh mirch powder 10 gram zeerah kota howa 10 gram dhania powder 15 gram sabit zeerah 15 gram methi qasuri 10 gram garam masalah 10 gram chainies namak 10 …

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Best Keema Mutter Recipe Pakistani

keema mutter recipe in urdu

Best Keema Mutter Recipe Pakistani Keema mutter banane ka tarika: Ingredients: keema adha kilo haldi adha chai ka chamcha zeerah powder 1 chai ka chamcha hari mirch 6 adad dhania kata howa 2 chai ke chamche tamatar bariek kate howe 1 cup ghii adha cup pani 1 cup brown piyaaz …

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