be aulad ka ilaj

Be Auladi kay Liye Totkay in Urdu

Be Auladi kay Liye Totkay in Urdu brings you the best solution for those infertile couples who cannot birth a child and try every possible way to obtain offspring. After reading this article in urdu you will be able to brith a child by following instructions.

Aulad kay liye Totkay in Urdu:

Aise mard o khawateen jo shadi ke kafi arsa baad tak aulad jesi naimat se mehroom hain to dono mard hazrat 3 mahine tak darj zel nuskha istemal karen. Insha Allah 3 mahine baad ap khud khushkhabri sunaenge.


Gond caker 1 chamach

Shiqaq al misri 1 chamach

behman surkh 1 chamach

maash ki daal ka powder 1 chamach


1 – Tamam ajza ko milalen.

2 – Ek chae ka chamach subah naashte se pehle aur ek chae ka chamach raat khane se pehle doodh ya pani ke saath istemal karen.

3 – Insha Allah 3 mahino ke andar ap khushkhabri sunainge.

4 – Khawateen 1 cup Arq e Gulab maqooh ke saath istemal karen.

be auladi ka nuskha

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