Aisha Name Meaning in Urdu

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Looking for the meaning of the name Aisha? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll explore the meaning and origins of the name Aisha. We’ll also share some cool facts about the name Aisha. So, whether you’re looking for a meaningful name for your baby or simply want to learn more about this interesting name, read on!

Aisha is the beautiful name of a Muslim girl. It consists of 6 letters and the lucky number name Aisha is 7. The Urdu meaning of Aisha is زندہ، خوشی سے رہنا and the English meaning is Alive, Well-Living, Happily Living.

عائشہ نام
زندہ، خوشی سے رہنا   معنی
لڑكی   جنس
عربی   زبان
7   لکی نمبر
مسلم مذہب
ہاں مختصر نام
6 حروف اور 1 لفظ حروف کی تعداد


Aisha Name Meaning in Urdu – عائشہ

How many letters are in the name of Aisha?
Aisha’s name has 6 letters.


What is the Meaning of Aisha’s name?
The Urdu meaning of Aisha is زندہ، خوشی سے رہنا and the English meaning is “Alive, Well-Living, Happily Living“.


What is the Lucky Number of Aisha?
The lucky number of Aisha is “7″.


What is the Religion of Aisha’s Name?
The religion of the name Aisha is Islam.

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