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Surah Waqiah Basic Information:


The Surah takes its name from the word al-waqiah of the very first verse.

Period of Revelation

According to the chronological order that Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas has given of the Surahs, first Surah Ta Ha was sent down, then Al-Waqi’ah and then Ash-Shu\`ara'(Suyuti: Al-Itqan). The same sequence has been reported from Ikrimah (Baihaqi: Dala’il an Nubuwwat).

This is supported also by the story that Ibn Hisham has related from Ibn Ishaq about the affirmation of the Faith by Hadrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him). It says that when Hazrat Umar entered his sister’s house, Surah Ta Ha was being recited. Hearing his voice the people of the house hid the pages of the Qur’an. Hadrat Umar first seized his brother-in-law and then his sister rose in defense of her husband, he hit her also and wounded her on the head. When Umar saw blood on his sister, he was sorry for what he had done, and said to her: “Show me the manuscript that you have concealed so that I may see what it contains.” The sister said: “You are unclean because of your polytheism: wa anna-hu la yamassu-ha ill-at-tahir : “Only a clean person can touch it.” So, Hadrat Umar rose and washed himself, and then took up the manuscript to read it. This shows that Surah Al-Waqi’ah had been sent down by that time for it contains the verse: La yamassu hu ill al mutahharun ; and it had been established historically that Hadrat Umar embraced Islam after the first migration to Habash, in the fifth year of the Prophethood.

Tarteeb e Nuzool 46
Total Ruku 3
Tarteeb e Tilawat 56
Total Words 428
Mushtamil e Para 27
Total Aayaat 96
Total Letters 1723

Surah Al Waqiah Full in Arabic:

Surah Waqiah Surah Waqiah Surah Waqiah


Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation:

Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 1 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 2 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 3 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 4 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 5 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 6 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 7 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 8 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 9 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 10 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 11 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 12 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 13 Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation Page 14


Surah Al Waqiah Full in English:

If signed incident (1) is not false signed by (2) depressor lever (3) if requested earth Raja (4) and six mountains Pasa (5) were in vain Menbtha (6) , and you shall be divided three (7) Vasahb Starboard Nk what he accompanies Starboard (8) and the inmates Almhٴmh Nk what he accompanies Almhٴmh (9) and Sbqon Sbqon (10) oleic close (11) in Ghent bliss (12) , a group of first (13) and a few others (14) on couches inwrought (15) Mtkیn They accept it(16) Them immortal youths (17) cups and jugs Nk and a cup from a (18) do not یsdon them and do not bleed (19) and fruit than یtakیron (20) and the flesh of birds , which they desire (21) and Hur ‘s eyes (22) Like unto pearls Webmasters (23) reward for what they were working (24) do not listen to the Goa and not Tatیma (25) only Qila Selma Selma (26) and the inmates right Nk what he accompanies the right (27) in the Sidr Mkhaddod (28) and Talh plantains (29) And under elongated (30) and water Spilled (31) and the fruit of many (32) is not broken and is not prohibited (33) and brushes raised (34) I Anchanhen create (35) Fjalnhen virgins (36) Arabs Aturaba (37) of the inmates right (38) گ group of the first (39) and a handful of others (40) and the inmates of the North Nk what the inmates of the North (41) in poisons and intimate (42) and the shadow of یhmom (43) is not cool and not cream (44) they Before that, they were luxurious (45) and they used to insist on great perjury (46). And they were saying Nk Ayma died and we were dust and bones Ouana for emissaries (47) or our fathers first last (48) Say that the first and others (49) to Mjmoon Nk to Meeqaat day known (50) then you dear misguided Almkzbon (51) to Aklon of trees of zaqqum (52) Fmalٴon including bellies (53) Fsharbon it from intimate (54) Fsharbon drinking heme (55) this Nzlhm day of Judgment (56) We Khalguenkm If not believe (57) Avraیtm what Tmanon (58) Ouantm Tkhalqouna or we Alkhalqon (59) We destiny among death and what we Bmspoqیn (60) that we change like yourselves and Nncikm in what you do not know (61) and I have been taught the first creation . If not you remember (62) Avraیtm What Thrthon (63) Ouantm Tzeronh or we Alzeron (64) if we want to Djalnh debris Fezltm Tvkhon (65) I am a fond (66) , but we are deprived (67) Avraیtm water drink (68) Ouantm Anzltamoh of Mozn or we Almenzlon (69) if we want Djalnh Ajaja if not give thanks (70) Avraیtm fire Torun (71) Ouantm Anchatm her tree , or we Almncٴon (72) We Djalnha ticket and baggage for Mqoیn (73) glorify the name of your Lord , the Great (74) do not swear by the stars location (75) and that section if you know a great (76) that the Holy Quran (77) in the books of the innermost (78) do not touch him , but Chasteners (79) download from the Lord of the Alamin (80) Afbhma you talk Mayornon (81) and ye shall appoint you provided you deny (82) if not , if at death (83) and you Hیnyz do you see (84) We are nearer to him, but you do not see (85) If not you are not receivables (86) Trdjaunha that if you are truthful (87) Either that was close (88) Farrouh and Rehan Nk and Gent Naim (89) And either it was from the inmates of the right (90) greet you from the inmates of the right (91) and either was rejecters astray (92) came down from the intimate (93) and Tsalیh Hell (94) that this is a right of certainty (95) Vsobh on behalf of Your Lord is Great۠(96)


Surah Waqiah PDF:

Surah Al Waqiah


Surah Waqiah Audio:


Benefits of Reading Surah Waqiah:

Jo shakhs fiqr o faqaa se ajiz ho is surat mai SURAH WAQIAH ko 41 dafa rozana parhna chahye is Surah ki barkat se zillat-o-khuari aur tangdasti jati rahe gi.maal-o-dolat aur izzat barhe gi aur agar hamesha SURAH WAQIAH ko parhta rahe ga to kabhi ALLAH TA’ALA ke siwa kisi ka mohtaj na hoga.

Agar kisi mayyat ki qabar par parhe ise azab-e-qabar se nijaat mile gi.

SURAH WAQIAH  ko likh kar aurat ke bazoo par bandhne se bacha asani se peda hoga.

Baawazu subha aur shaam ko SURAH WAQIAH ko parhna baa’as-e-barkat he.

1 majlis men 41 baar parhne se haajat poori hogi.

Khas kar kashaish-e-rizq ke liye ye naqsh nehayat hi mufeed he.

Jo shakhs raat namaz-e-esha ke baad parhe kabhi bhooka na rahe ga aur gheb se ALLAH TA’ALA rozi dega.

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