Surah Muzammil

Surah Muzammil Basic Information:

Surah Muzammil is the seventy-third chapter (Surah) of the Quran, containing 20 verses (Ayat).

Surah Muzzammil takes its name from the reference to prophet Muhammad, in his cloak praying at night, in the opening verses of the chapter. Many commentators claim that “The Enfolded One” is a name for Muhammad, used throughout the Qur’an.

At the beginning of this surah, God prepares Muhammad for an important revelation. In preparation for this revelation, God loosens the strict regulation of night prayer. Muhammad is then instructed to be patient for the disbelievers will be punished in Hell, as exemplified by a story of Pharaoh’s punishment.

Classification Meccan
No. of Rukus 2
No. of verses 20
No. of words 200
No. of letters 854



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