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Surah Muzammil Basic Information:

ALLAH gave the QURAN to Muslims to seek guidance. Each Surah contains its importance and consists of a message and a goal.

Surah Muzzammil is one of those precious surahs that give guidance and show a path to acceptance of a person’s desires. Muzzammil means “The Wrapped One.”

This Makki Surah is the 73rd Surah in the 29th Para of the QURAN. It contains 20 verses and 2 Rukus. The first 19 verses of this Surah were revealed in Makkah, and the final verse was revealed in Medina.

Surah Al-Muzzammil’s benefits can be understood by realizing the benefits of reciting this Surah.

  • This Surah is very important for the fulfillment of your prayers.
  • It is better to recite this Surah daily.
  • It will increase your wealth and protect you from all bad circumstances or pain.
  • Reciting this Surah will bring you benefits not only in this world but on Judgment Day too.
No. of Rukus2
No. of verses20
No. of words200
No. of letters854

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Surah Muzammil PDF

Surah Muzammil PDF

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