Dua Taraweeh Islamic Dua

Dua Taraweeh Islamic Dua

Dua Taraweeh wo dua hai jise taraweeh kay doran parha jata hai aur ye islamic dua hai.

taraweeh dua

Taraweeh dua with English and urdu Translation:

Urdu Translation:

Pak hai wo Allah jo mulk aur badshahat wala hai. Pak hai wo Allah jo izzat wala aur azmat wala aur heebat wala aur qudrat wala aur barai wala aur satoot wala hai, Pak hai wo Allah jo badshah hai zinda rehne wala kay na is ke liye need hai, aur na mout hai, wo be inteha pak aur be inteha muqaddas hai, hamara parwardigar aur farishton aur rooh ka parwardigar hai. Ilahi hamein aag se bachana aye bachane wale aye panah dene wale aye nijat dene wale.

English Translation:

Exalted is the possessor of the hidden and the manifiest dominion. Exalted is the posssessor of might, Greatness, Reverence, Power, Pride and Majesty. Exalted is the master, the Living, the one who neither sleeps nor dies. All perfect, All holy, Our lord and the Lord of the angels and the soul. Oh Allah, grant us refuge from the hellfire, O granter of refuge,O granter of refuge,O granter of refuge.

taraweeh ki dua

dua e taraweeh

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